With our business trainings you will save valuable time and increase your chances of success in China!!

We offer an extensive range of online and offline training courses that will help you navigate the multifaceted and complex world of doing business in China. 

Survey 2022 on Communications between Benelux and China business teams in times of travel restrictions available here.

February 2022 – Businesses across China and the Benelux have reached out to each other more frequently since the start of the corona pandemic, but seem little ingenious in intensifying and broadening personal relationships or deepening feelings of team spirit.

Want to learn how to spruce up the contacts with your overseas colleagues? Want to know how to intensify and broaden personal relationships and deepen mutual feelings of team spirit from behind the screen. We welcome you to join:

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Welcome to The China Trainers

It is a pleasure to let you know that we can provide all our interactive China business culture trainings in English. 

We offer a package of on-and-offline training modules that strengthen intercultural skills of international professionals and enhance their communication and decision-making capabilities.  All necessary to save precious time and substantially increase their rate of accomplishments in China!

Indeed, discovering how to optimise and interpret day-to-day communications with Chinese relations is essential to identify pitfalls in your own span of interpretations ánd to create insightful and effective means to deliver the right message to your Chinese audience.

Invest in yourself and your team – either by following short and snappy one hour themed webinars or in-depth in-house interactive workshops particularly useful for international management teams and regular business visitors to China (apart from the pandemic situation).

As this one-pager does not provide all the information you need fully, please contact us directly, either through the contact form below or by giving us a call, so we can answer any questions you may have personally.  

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€75,- p.p. excl. 21% VAT

Our one hour online training webinars are themed around, but not exclusively:

  • Managing processes in China from afar;
  • Communicating and motivating Chinese staff from a distance;
  • Analysing and solving problems and conflicts;
  • Reading between the lines;
  • Understanding the role of the Chinese Communist Party in respect to your business;
  • The potential effects of China’s geopolitical ambitions on your business.
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In-company training workshops
Prices on demand

Our in-house training sessions are tailored to fit your requirements.  Sessions range from half-day workshops to intensive all-round training and coaching engagements lasting one to two days.

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Lilian Kranenburg AnD
Lianne Baaij

Who are the China Trainers?

As experienced trainers and coaches of people who are professionally active in China, The China Trainers provide contextual understanding of China’s business modus operandi and deliver practical support and tools in the fields of intercultural verbal and non-verbal communications.

Lilian Kranenburg (left) and Lianne Baaij (right) are sinologists both with a long track record in giving intercultural business trainings to professionals from both China and the Benelux. Their goal is to increase participants’  levels of cultural awareness and confidence to become sensitive and responsive team players. The China Trainers offer inhouse training tailor made in-depth sessions, but also a spate of webinars and e-learnings designed to cater to individuals who prefer to learn online.

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Our clients:

Clients range from international business teams, SME’s, sector branch and government entities to business education portals and Chinese organisations in the Netherlands.


Please drop us a mail via, or give us a call:

Lilian Kranenburg: +31 6 22115486 & Lianne Baaij: +31 6 29494431